May 9, 2012

Amp up Your Style! Go Neon!!!

It doesn't have to be 1985 to sport these styles!  Neon is pefect to get you in the mood for the changing seasons.

So go get your glow sticks and have some fun!

May 2, 2012

The Weddings over! Now the Honeymoon!

Ugh!  you made it!  The stress of the Wedding is over, now onto the honeymoon...but wait---what do I pack? 

Let me help!

Now it is time to have some fun and sexy lingerie is just your key to set your Honeymoon off to a romantic start..

How bout a sexy teddy or chemise?  Although your groom is sure to have this off within a matter of minutes "feeling sexy" on your honeymoon in new lingerie is all a part of the fun!

Somthing to lounge in?  Make sure to pack a sexy cami-set, jammies, or simple satin robe..Great for relaxing but sure to please he'll love taking them off again!

Out on the town?  This dress is sexy enough for dinner and dancing or just a simple late night walk on the beach!